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Trip of a Lifetime’s Columbus Day Themed Travel Destinations

In honor of Christopher Columbus, we’ve gathered a collection of Columbus Day themed travel destinations. In 1492, Columbus left Spain to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in the Bahamas, and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

1. Christopher Columbus left Spain in August of 1492.
Travel to Barcelona, Spain to experience amazing dancing, food, and culture.

2. He stopped in Spain’s Canary Islands before embarking on his journey across the Atlantic Ocean.
The Canary Islands are actually closer to Africa than they are to Europe. There are 7 main islands that are perfect for a relaxing beach getaway.

3. Columbus landed on presumably the island of Walting in the Bahamas.
The islands on Eleuthera, Harbour Island, and Cat Island have beaches with pink sand!

4. He also traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Travel to the island of Hispaniola to explore the wonders of two Caribbean countries:  the Dominican Republic & Haiti.

Trip of a Lifetime’s Top Five #TravelChangesYou Quotes

Trip of a Lifetime has collected over 30 #TravelChangesYou stories that have helped to inspire our students and others to travel. Here’s our list of the top five #TravelChangesYou quotes that embody our campaign.

1. "In One Trip, I experienced a Joy of Life Beyond Anything I had Ever Known"
-David Cogswell, Executive Editor, TravelPulse

2. "I was so excited to see in person everything I had learned about."
-Rachel Schoenfeld, Intern

3. "As soon as I stepped off the plane in San Francisco, my life changed forever."
-Stan Rosenberg, Founder of Trip of a Lifetime

4. All travel should be memorable if you get out of your comfort zone, embrace change, and do something out of the norm.”
-Saket Mehta, Trip of a Lifetime Co-Founder

5. "I learned a lot about how much different it is to be in another country with other people who are not just like you."
-Michaela Keil, High School Student

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Trip of a Lifetime’s Top 3 Reasons To Travel While You’re Young

Traveling when you’re young helps to broaden your perspective and empower your life forever. Below are the top 3 reasons to travel while you’re young.

1. Travel can help you find yourself. You’re youth is about exploring the world and all of the opportunities it has to offer; the best way to do that is through travel.

2. The people you meet during your travels will enrich your life. Traveling through a foreign country for the first time will allow you to meet people from different cultures and create lasting relationships.

3. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone. Being exposed to a completely new setting can be frightening but it can also be rewarding. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone before you get too used to it.

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